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From the Author of Bail Bonds Industry Leading Books, Cutting-Edge Bail Bonds and Bail Enforcement Live Certification Seminars, Absolute State-of-the-Art Small Bail Bonds Business Consultations, and a Nationally Recognized Convention Speaker comes California’s Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Bail Training School in California and the Nation, According to its many Alumni now Working in Bail—Bail Agent Prelicensing to become a Bail Bondsman and/or Bounty Hunter.


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The Thor Shield is Taser tested during California's Fastest Growing and Most Trusted name in Training Classes for Bail Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters during a Taser Authorized User Certification, Department of Insurance Approved Bail Agent Prelicensing, CDI Approved for Six Hours Continuing Education, and 1299 certification class in San Diego County.

Bailspeak is quickly becoming the Number 1 choice by California's largest bail bond companies and the state's growing number of expanding Mom & Pops bail bond shops simply because of its stellar reputation in the bail bonds community both in California and Nationwide.

Today Bailspeak's Alumni are now sending their new hires to Bailspeak for absolute, cutting-edge training that is consistent with its primary instructor's history of national guest speaking, bounty hunting, published works and an ongoing list of bail related activity and all of which continuously resets bail education industry standards on a class to class basis.

In this video, shot largely in August of 2012, you will see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears why Bailspeak is considered the standard to try and meet in California Bail Bonds Training.

This "Description" is collaboration by "The Ladies" of Bailspeak.

20 Hour Bail Agent Prelicensing is now a Mandatory Certification to Become a Bail Agent or Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California. This California Department of Insurance Approved Course Exceeds Bail Education Requirements and Continuosly Resets Industry Standards to Become a Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter and with Bail Certification Instruction by licensed Bail Agents and is led by a Veteran Bail Bonds Business Owner with over Two Decades of Running Profitable Bail Companies Covering all Aspects of the Bail Bonds Business such as Bail Bond Motions, Sales, Marketing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Small Business Operations, Human Resources and etceteras.

Sacramento, Stockton, Lathrop, Salida - Modesto, Los Angeles, Riverside, Norco Corona, Oceanside, San Diego and by Private Order.

Bailspeak is insurmountable in leading the way insofar that it is the only California Bail Prelicensing, DOI Approved Bail Agent Training School that cannot be replicated in terms of its originality, evolving course methods, and—above all else—its complete and total transparency as evidenced by the photos, videos, and verifiable Alumni testimonials that you will find on this and its sister websites in support of its absolute, unparalleled and stellar bail industry reputation—bar none!

Every new bounty hunter should effort to improve his or her position in the bail bonds industry with an emphasis on improving one's earning potential and while learning how to run a small bail bonds related business. Bounty hunting is a great way to learn bail bonds from the inside out, and, during these tough economic times, it stands to reason that one should endeavor to learn how to bring in the most cash in the shortest amount of time and with minimal investment. This school is run by successful business owners who continue to help those who are daring and willing to look ahead and dream of bigger things.

Q: What are the Bounty Hunting Laws for California?

A: Please visit Bailspeak's Sister Site to study California 1299 Bounty Hunter Laws.

Q: Why Should I enroll in Online Bailspeak Classes?

A: Please Take the below Bailspeak "Lawful Bounty Hunting Quiz," and, if you cannot answer all of the questions without Internet search engine or Bailspeak Alumni assistance, please consider enrolling in Bailspeak's Online and Live Seminar Bail Training Courses.

1. What is the "forfeiture period," how is it triggered, when does it start, how long does it last?

2. What is the "appearance period" regarding a forfeited bond?

3. Is it lawful to apprehend a bail jumper while a motion to extend is pending?

4. Under which laws and circumstances do bounty hunters LAWFULLY transport and carry firearms?

5. Under which circumstances may a prosecuting attorney charge a bounty hunter with Burglary, False Imprisonment, Extortion, Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Robbery, Impersonation, and when do charges go Federal?

6. When and how does Deprivation of Civil Rights under the Color of State Authority apply to bounty hunters?

7. What constitutes Due Diligence that will not shock the reasonable person?

8. How much time does a bounty hunter have to book a bail jumper?

9. What documents are required to lawfully apprehend a bail jumper?

10. Which documents are interchangeable?

11. When may a bounty hunter be charged with perjury, forgery, conspiracy, and impersonating a peace officer?

12. Is it lawful to place GPS Trackers on People's vehicles?

13. Which Certifications do you need to lawfully bounty hunt?

14. What is a "declaration" or "conclusory affidavit," and do you have to be "1299 compliant" to complete one or either?

If you cannot answer ALL of the above bounty hunting 101 questions, you may subject yourself to multiple "stacked charges," such as follows:

• Felony Burglary
• Felony Conspiracy
• Felony Kidnapping
• False Imprisonment
• False Impersonation • Felony Kidnapping
• Extortion
• Torture
• Federal Crimes
• Deprivation of "Second Bite at the Apple" Civil Rights

Q: What are the Online Tuition Costs?

A: Take any Bailspeak Online Bounty Hunter Course, print out the certificate for the course, and submit the certificate with your Live Bailspeak Class Registration, and the cost of the Online Bounty Hunter Certification shall be credited towards your Live Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Course!

Plainly stated, by taking Bailspeak's Online classes first, you get the online classes for free when taking Bailspeak's live course!

Q: What about California Bail Agent Continuing Bail Education?

A: The above pictured Bailspeak ministerial and licensed bail agents are now working on online continuing bail education courses that will be California Department of Insurance "Approved" for bail agent license renewal.

Bail Agent Prelicensing to become a bounty hunter or bail bondsman by California's Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in California Bail Education, according to its Alumni who have put as much in writing, BAILSPEAK!

The demand for Bailspeak Bail Training Classes has substantially increased, and Bailspeak classes have been increased from once a month to 2 to 3 times a month.

Those wishing to schedule a private class or host a Bailspeak open class should feel free to contact Bailspeak to discuss how that may be arranged.

A host location will need to have a room with tables and chairs and enough room for 12 people to be seated comfortably.

Available DOI Approved Live Classes are:

• 20 - Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Classes

• 6 - Hour Lawful Bounty Hunting Continuing Bail Education

• 6 - Hour Bail Agent Taser Course Continuing Bail Education

• 6 - Hour Bail Bond Motion Studies Continuing Bail Education

Online Classes for Bounty Hunters are as follows:

• "Bounty Hunter Marketing: How to Find Bounty Hunter Jobs"

• "Webinar: Arrest & Control" from the "Street Proven" DVD

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider holding classes in Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Riverside, Burbank, Los Angeles and Monterey.

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