A Massive Restaurant Now Makes An Unexpected Closure (2024)

A massive restaurant now makes an unexpected closure after the company’s CEO hinted of 41 shutters in the future.

Customers at Outback Steakhouse are devastated to find out their local restaurant is closing down, reports The-Sun.

The parent company, Bloomin’ Brands Inc, is in the process of closing a total of 41 locations nationwide.

Customers at the Outback in Kentwood, Michigan, have been disappointed to learn their local eatery has closed down for good.

A note on the door thanks customers “for the years of support.”

All Outback signs have already been torn off the restaurant, which is situated next to a Dave’s and Busters.

Many regulars are sad that they will now have to drive a lot further to order a Bloomin’ onion and other menu favorites.

‘Nooo!” wrote one on Facebook, adding: “That was my go-to location.”

One described it as “My favorite steakhouse.”

“That’s another Outback that’s closing. That’s horrible,” commented a third.

Outback is currently in the process of closing many locations across the country.

Aside from Outback, the parent company is closing restaurants including Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, and Aussie Grill.

Bloomin’ Brands CEO David Deno told investors last week that the company had decided to close its “predominantly older, underperforming restaurants.”

He said most of these locations were “older assets with leases from the 90s and early 2000s.”

In some states, the closures have left customers with zero Outback Steakhouses left.

In Hawaii, all three Outback restaurants shut down February 18.

A worker at the Waipio location told KHON2 that staff had been given just “two days” notice of the closure.

The same week, Outback closed down its final location in New Hampshire.

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Other Economy News Today

A Massive Restaurant Now Makes An Unexpected Closure (1)

A massive retailer has now closed a location after 16 years of business, triggering several more layoffs, sources report.

A Best Buy in Centennial,Colorado,closed its doorson March 2nd.

It had been a constant in the local area for more than a decade after opening in 2008, per The Denver Post.

Best Buy is the latest chain to leave the popular SouthGlenn shopping mall, reports The-Sun.

The shopping center was previously home to a Macy’s outlet and a Sears store as well.

However, the Best Buy’s Centennial location was not just the chain’s only outlet to close this past weekend.

At least two other Best Buy stores closed on March 2.

The closures come just months after chiefs revealed they expected to close between 15 and 20 outlets.

Best Buy’s Apple Valley, Minnesota, outlet also shut up shop for the final time on March 2.

At least 20 full-time staffers have been impacted by the closure of the store, located less than 20 miles from Minneapolis.

Chiefs revealed they were hoping to keep as many workers employed.

They said they would work with them to try and find a new role within the company.

“This was a part of our regular and ongoing review process of stores as leases come up for renewal,” a spokesperson told the Kansas City Star.

The decision to close the outlet has left fans mourning.

“Going to miss the geek squad,” one shopper lamented.

“Too many things leaving the Northland,” another said.

Like its Centennial location, the store had been open since 2008.

Best Buy chiefs have closed up to 100 stores over the past five years.

But bosses have converted some into discount outlets, reports The-Sun.

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A Massive Restaurant Now Makes An Unexpected Closure (2)

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A Massive Restaurant Now Makes An Unexpected Closure (3)

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A Massive Restaurant Now Makes An Unexpected Closure (2024)
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