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Gotham Dream Cars prides itself on providing a highly professional, seamless exotic car rental experience. We don't just want to be different from other exotic car rental companies -- we want to downright impress you. To that end, the cornerstones of our philosophy - and why you'll see we're unlike anyone else out there - are these:

  • Integrity - We are a real company with real cars, real employees, and real facilities. We are not brokers, middlemen, shucksters, hucksters, or anything but fun guys (and gals) who love cars. And most importantly - we own & maintain every vehicle in our rental fleet. That means we do not rent cars on behalf of private owners or "swap" with other rental companies. And every single photograph you see on our website is of an actual, real, GDC car. No stock photography here.
  • Legitimacy - Ever wonder why other exotic car rental companies don't list an address on their website? It's because they don't have one (or worse, they're operating out of their homes). We have professionally-staffed facilities and showrooms that are open to the public - you can visit us 7 days a week and see, touch, smell (but probably not taste) our fleet of amazing automobiles. We're as real as it gets.
  • Variety - We know that not everyone wants to spend $1000s per day to drive the latest Lamborghini. That's why we offer a variety of exotic car experiences - from the $249 Dream Car Sprint to the $895 Dream Car Tour to, yes, that Ferrari 458 or McLaren MP4-12C rental by the day. Our goal is to give as many folks as possible the true exotic car ownership experience.
  • Award-winning - We were named to the prestigious Inc. 500 list of America's fastest-growing companies, an honor shared by companies such as Oracle, Intuit, Go Daddy, Jamba Juice, and American Apparel. We're also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have been in business for over 20 years under the same name (no fly-by-night operation here). We're not going anywhere soon!
  • Security - We are fully licensed and insured. We do not lie to our insurance company or hide the fact that we're a vehicle rental company. It costs us more, but it means we'll be around for the long haul.
  • Honesty - We run an honest, ethical business. We deeply value our great reputation and the satisfaction of every one of our clients, and we'll work to no end to uphold that. We also know that unforeseen events do come up -- vehicles break down, customers are sometimes late to return cars, employees get sick - you get the gist. When things happen, we keep you informed and work as hard as humanly possible to make it all right.
  • Fun - We're car guys (and gals). We're not doing this to launder money, curry favor, or boost our own egos. We're in this business because we love cars and we love seeing the expressions on our clients' faces when we hand the keys over. We want to impart that sense of fun and enthusiasm on you at all times.
  • Value - Value - Yeah, we know, "value" isn't the first thing you think of when renting an exotic car. But we understand the economics of this business and we're here to give you the best possible experience and service at the lowest possible price. We don't waste money but we also don't cut corners. Nor are we here to nickel-and-dime you -- we're not going to charge you if you show up 20 minutes late.
  • Transparency - Lots of people call and ask "what's the catch?" or "what am I missing?" There is no catch; it's all here on our website. There are no hidden fees, obscure taxes, or secret vehicles that we're keeping from you. You are seeing us as we are, and that's the way it should be.
  • Originality - Notice that some other companies have websites that look like ours and names that sound like ours? We've been around since 2004. Have they?


Gotham Dream Cars was founded for a very simple reason: We searched for a place to rent a supercar, and we didn't find any worth a phone call.

There are lots of places where you could rent what others call an "exotic" car -- a Viper, a Lotus, or even a PT cruiser. But when it came to what we call an exotic -- a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, or Aston Martin, the market fell short.

And so, in March of 2004, Gotham Dream Cars was born.

We love New York City, and it breaks our hearts when we hear people talk about driving in this city like it's a four-letter word. "The roads are terrible"..."The weather's awful"..."There's nowhere fun to drive." Well they're wrong, wrong, and wrong. Potholes can be driven around, it's sunny more often than not, and there are plenty of fun places to drive in and around the tri-state area.

In 2006, we expanded down to sunny South Florida (and we love it there too!) The roads around Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are long, smooth and fast, the weather is spectacular, and the vibe is perfectly conducive to enjoying an ultra-exotic car.

That same year, we developed our first Exotic Car Driving Experience - The Dream Car Tour. We were looking for a way to get more people behind the wheel without having to ask them to spend the full cost of a rental, and from necessity came inspiration.

In 2011, we took that one step further and developed The Dream Car Sprint - another evoltion exotic car experiences and a chance for even more folks to get a taste of Ferrari (for even less money).

In February 2013 we launched our Los Angeles office (our 3rd outpost!) and the mission to introduce the world to the joy of awesome cars continues.

And here we are - 2024. Our passion is driving, pure and simple. The speed. The power. The adrenaline. That's why our mission is to bring you the most exotic, exciting, and outrageous fleet of rental vehicles in the world -- cars you won't find anywhere else. And as we expand that mission to other cities around the country (and around the world), we hope you will be there with us. It's time to stop dreaming and start driving.

Noah Lehmann-Haupt
Founder & President


Gotham Dream Cars Featured as Exclusive Provider of Exotic Rentals for RallyRace's Exotics Across America

October 15, 2015

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (1)

RallyRace, the premier luxury automotive event designer, has selected Gotham Dream Cars as the exclusive luxury exotics rental provider for their 2016 Exotics Across America event.

RallyRace has put the entire weight of their 3+ decades of experience running high end exotic car events into Exotics Across America. It is an exclusive, invite-only luxury cross country rally from New York to San Francisco featuring the best roads in America, allowing participants to experience the best twisty, exciting, and breathtaking country roads during the day and enjoy four and five-star hotels and gourmet dining options each evening. Their highly experienced team will handle all of the boring logistical details like luggage and car transport as well as all reservations, so all you need to do is hop on the provided chartered jet to get from one rally location to another in style and comfort.

Click to


We're proud and honored to be working with some of the best, brightest, and most fun people around. The GDC Staff is an experienced group of exceedingly hard-working guys and gals. To put some faces to names, here's our crew:

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (2)

Noah Lehmann-Haupt

Founder & President

Noah started this crazy business back in 2004 and has thoroughly fulfilled enough car-related childhood fantasies to last 10 lifetimes. He's a nerd at heart and drives a Infiniti G37 Jeep Grand Cherokee that he (still) loves far more than any car in the GDC fleet.

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (3)

Rob Ferretti

Chief Operating Officer

Rob met Noah at a car show in 2003 and said, in response to learning he was starting an exotic car rental company: "Yeah, good luck with that." He owns far too many cars for his own good and hates Maseratis. He also runs every aspect of GDC's day-to-day operations.

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (4)

Jon Ferretti

Director of Operations

Jon is a superstar in the GDC office. Despite handling everything from delivery logistics to managing the transporters to booking rentals, Jon still manages to go to (or watch) every single Devils game. He drives a Viper and is damn proud of it. Jon one day hopes to be an astronaut.

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (5)

Stephanie Scarbro

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Not only does she have a three-year degree in Adolescence German, but she is also trained in surveillance and karate. Not to mention she has been the most cherished Assistant Regional Manager that Gotham Dream Cars has ever seen. And she likes beets.

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (6)

Kassandra Monge

Senior Customer Service Representative

She may be quiet, but so are ninjas. So be nice to her on the phone.

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (7)

Clara Masevage

Event Photographer

Started with us in the Summer of 2012. Because she makes all our Dream Car Tour participants look extra good for our photo website, we are able to overlook her strange obsession with cats...meeeeeeoooowwww.

About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (8)

Shivam Parikh

Lunch Consultant

Shivam doesn't actually work at Gotham Dream Cars. But he's sure at the office a lot. We're honestly not sure what he does. But we go to lunch with him a lot. He's kind of like our very own Cosmo Kramer.


We're pleased to be able to work closely with some truly excellent companies. Below are just a few of the organizations that we're proud to call our partners and who make our lives just that much easier and better.


Gotham Dream Cars was selected from among all of the US-based rental car providers as the primary luxury and exotic car rental source for the Centurion Auto Program, an exclusive offering for Centurion Card holders. We're extremely honored and excited to be working with American Express and are thrilled to be able to provide our vehicles to their card holders.

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About The Company - Gotham Dream Cars (2024)
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