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Throughout her broadcast career, Jules Breach has had a variety of opportunities to cover football (soccer) across various professional entities. As the lead reporter and presenter for TNT Sports in the United Kingdom, she is responsible for keeping viewers informed and entertained throughout the coverage of the game within a panoply of competitive fields such as the Premier League, Europa League and Champions League.

Breach will now have a new opportunity to demonstrate her football knowledge and media proficiency in the United States as the lead host for UEFA EURO Match Day, the FOX Sports studio show surrounding UEFA EURO 2024. The program will provide viewers with extensive pre-match and post-match coverage from the group stage to the championship round on FOX and FS1.

FOX Sports secured the media rights to the tournament through a six-year agreement with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which implements several championship matches and national team competitions. Coverage of UEFA EURO 2024 begins on Friday, June 14 at 3 p.m. EST when Germany opens group stage play against Scotland broadcast on the FOX television network. As a whole, the division will broadcast 46 UEFA 2024 and 32 CONMEBOL Copa América 2024 matches live on FOX, FS1 and FS2, and all matches will also be available to stream live on the FOX Sports app.

“It’s an absolute honor to be the lead host for FOX Sports’ coverage of the Euros this summer,” Breach said. “I’m absolutely buzzing. I am the biggest football fan, so to be hosting a tournament as big as this for a network as big as FOX is genuinely a dream come true.”

Breach articulated that she will bring the perspective of the fans to the airwaves while also being able to effectively contextualize the action through her previous experiences. At the same time, she possesses genuine excitement surrounding the sport and an inclination to align her colleagues with broadcast success.

Although the full roster of analysts has yet to be revealed, Breach hinted that it will include an array of different nationalities that will foster a congenial environment. One of the analysts joining Breach in studio is former center-back and Team Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini, someone from whom she will look to extrapolate perspectives pertaining to his team’s championship run in the 2020 iteration of the tournament.

“The analysts that we have – and we’ve got an amazing group of people that I’m going to be sat with every day – they bring the expertise,” Breach said. “They can tell us from their experiences of playing in these big matches what it’s like.”

"It can be done… it's not in our hands but the duty is on us" 🫡

Mikel Arteta issues a rallying cry to Arsenal players and supporters speaking to @julesbreach and Ally McCoist as they chase Premier League glory…

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— Football on TNT Sports (@footballontnt) May 19, 2024

Breach has been on the air for several different events both at the local and national level during her career working in sports media. Aside from her occupation with TNT Sports, she is the host for Channel 4 coverage of England national football team matches in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, she has covered the UEFA EURO 2020 and two FIFA World Cup tournaments for Optus Sport Australia, along with reporting and hosting for coverage of the UEFA Champions League from CBS Sports. No matter the assignment, Breach finds there to be a catalyzing element to sports that ultimately promulgates fellowship and rapport amid a backdrop of competition, zeal and felicitation.

“We use sport as a way to escape and as a means of entertainment and fun, so I guess I like to bring that side because when I watch sport; when I watch football, that’s what I want to see,” Breach said. “I want to see people smiling and having fun and enjoying it, but obviously there’s also a serious side to sport at times as well, so it’s getting the right balance when you need to.”

During tournament play, FOX Sports will broadcast matchups featuring both established veterans and rising stars within the sport. Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Luka Modrić and Warren Zaïre-Emery encompass some of the standout performers that will take part in the tournament proceedings. The popularity of football (soccer) continues to flourish globally, demonstrated by record-breaking television audiences, merchandise sales and a blend of domestic and international interest.

Viewership for UEFA EURO 2020, which was delayed by the global pandemic and played in June and July 2021, garnered a live match cumulative event audience of 5.23 billion viewers. Additionally, the live average match audiences for the tournament surpassed 100 million viewers.

“I love that there’s such a huge interest in the Euros,” Breach said. “Obviously this is the first time that FOX is showing the Euros as well, so it’s a really exciting thing for the network, and I’m excited that I can be part of that, but ultimately I think the sport will continue to grow in popularity in the States just because it’s a great sport to watch.”

The UEFA Euro Match Day program from FOX Sports will implement various elements to engage with younger audiences, including a travel series with mirthful and appealing pieces. Although the sport is perceived to be the most popular in the world, the program will aim to resonate with savants who possess a keen aptitude of the game on and off the pitch, along with novices inquisitive to delve deeper into the game. Broadcasts of the show will commence one hour before matches televised on FOX and FS1 throughout the month-long endeavor.

“We’re going to be bringing so much coverage,” Breach said. “There’s going to be our buildup into pretty much every single Euros game that we show, and we’ll make sure that we break things down so people are educated as well as entertained, and we’ll do that with the best analysts.”

Breach has covered the England national football team’s journey to UEFA EURO 2024 and UEFA Nations League campaign on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and is grateful for the chance to continue following the club. Although she hopes that England will ultimately hoist the Henri Delaunay Trophy for the first time in tournament history, she is anticipating UEFA EURO 2024 in its totality and her new hosting role with FOX Sports. Breach will leverage her reporting acumen and conversations with players into her hosting obligations in addition to a broad, comprehensive discernment pertaining to individual and team odysseys towards the prestigious tournament.

“I love the fact that FOX has given me this opportunity, and hopefully I can continue to cover international tournaments for the network,” Breach said. “That’s the dream; that’s what I want to keep doing.”

Jordan & Shae Cornette Take Over SportsNation | Barrett Media (2024)


Where is Jordan Cornette working now? ›

He currently is a basketball analyst for NBC Sports.

Is Shae Cornette still at ESPN? ›

Host of ESPN's Sports Center

Shae Cornette is a television host for ESPN's flagship program Sports Center, covering the most up-to-date sports news across the world. Since joining ESPN in 2020, Shae has frequently hosted many of ESPN's top programs such as First Take, NFL Live and Get Up.

Where did Shae Cornette go to college? ›

Cornette began her media career with roles on Big Ten Network and The Chicago Huddle on ABC 7. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in broadcast journalism and kinesiology.

Is Jordan still married? ›

They divorced in 2006. Then, he married a model, Yvette Prieto on April 27, 2013. Presently, Michael is living a luxurious life with her along with her twin daughter.

When did Jim Cornette leave OVW? ›

On September 8, 2010, Ohio Valley Wrestling announced that Cornette would resume his duties as the head booker of the promotion. Cornette left OVW in November 2011, when the promotion announced a working agreement with TNA.

Who was the woman who left ESPN? ›

Broadcaster Sage Steele has left ESPN, the company and Steele announced Tuesday. She said she made the decision so she could exercise her First Amendment Rights "more freely" after having settled a lawsuit she filed last year.

Is Jordan Cornette black? ›

"And I don't try to look at things through a black and white lens, but it's something that's got to be said in this world we are navigating," said Jordan. "She is white. I'm black.

Where did Jordan Cornette go to high school? ›

Cornette was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area and was a star basketball player at St. Xavier High School. From 2001 to 2005, he played basketball at Notre Dame.

Who was Shae working for? ›

Shae was a prostitute and Tyrion Lannister's mistress. She was also Sansa Stark's former handmaiden during her time in King's Landing.

Who is the host of First Take? ›

Molly Qerim's career timeline

And Qerim balance that with hosting duties for NFL Network in Los Angeles - fronting NFLAM and NFL Fantasy Live. The host returned to ESPN in 2015 and immediately took the role of First Take anchor.

What state does Jim Cornette live in? ›

Foundation and Charity
Height5ft 10in
Marital StatusMarried
ResidencyCody, Wyoming
8 more rows
May 22, 2023

Is Jim Cornette still in wrestling? ›

James Mark "Jim" Cornette (born September 17, 1961) is an American retired manager, commentator, promoter, and booker. Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. He is best known for his work in Jim Crockett Promotions, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Where does Jim Cornette work? ›

Cornette later became lead booker and part owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), WWE's Former lead developmental territory, run by "Nightmare" Danny Davis of Cornette's hometown of Louisville.

Where is Malika Andrews working now? ›

In 2021, she moved to Los Angeles where she hosts NBA Today on ESPN.

Who is the analyst for the Peaco*ck Big Ten? ›

Analysts Robbie Hummel and Stephen Bardo will call the majority of Peaco*ck's Big Ten men's games in 2023-24, while Tre Demps will serve as an analyst on select games.

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