Low Income Apartments and Affordable Housing For Rent in Salem, OR (2024)

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Discover affordable housing in Salem where there are 45+ housing opportunities based on income and household needs like accessible units for seniors or persons with disabilities. Find and apply to these low income apartments now.

Brighton Park East Apartments

3862 Sunnyview Rd NE, Salem, Oregon 97305

Cornerstone Apartments

2540 Rose Garden Street Northeast, Salem, Oregon 97301

Southfair Apartments

1901 Fairgrounds Rd NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Fairhaven Gardens Apartments

3424 Fairhaven Ave NE , Salem, Oregon 97303

Sequoia Crossings

3112 Broadway St NE, Salem, Oregon 97303

3143 7th Pl NE, Salem, Oregon 97303

Bluff Street

3202 Bluff Ave SE, Salem, Oregon 97302

Oak Hill Apartments

3837 12th St SE, Salem, Oregon 97302

Englewood East

3140 Tess Ave NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Orchard Park Apartments

4100 Kacey Circle NE, Salem, Oregon 97305

Sunnyslope Manor

1000 Cunningham Ln S, Salem, Oregon 97302

Salem Manor Apartments

4085 Market St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Fischer Court I

1810 32nd Pl NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Fischer Court II

3312 Sunnyview Rd NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Capitol Plaza Apartments

1165 Chemeketa Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Jason Lee Manor

1551 Center St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Campus Court Apartments

4169 Campus Loop NE, Salem, Oregon 97305

Highland Station

1260 Highland Ave NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

Mill Creek Meadows

200 25th St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

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The Hourly Wage Needed to Afford A Safe, Modest 2 Bed Apartment InSalem, Oregon



(+92%) more thanOregon minimum wage and


(+250%) more than the Federal minimum wage.

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What HUD offices serve Salem, Oregon?

Public Housing Agencies operate federally assisted affordable housing programs atlocal levels on behalf of HUD. Notably, housing agencies are responsible for managing Section 8Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, and Project-Based Voucher waiting lists within theirjurisdiction.

Salem Housing Authority

Operates the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), Public Housing programs for Salem, Oregon.

Go to theOregonPublic Housing and Low-Income Apartments Waiting Lists page for openings near Salem.

How many renters live in Salem, Oregon?

The City of Salem has 177,490people living in 68,667 households.

There are 72,522 renters living in31,001 renter households in thisCity. Renters make up 40.86percent of the population living in Salem.

What is the rental market like in Salem, Oregon?

There are an estimated 69,286 housing units in theSalem area. Of these, 31,599 units are rentalhomes, making up 46 percent of the housing market. Forevery renter household in Salem, Oregon, there are1 rental units.

What is the vacancy rate for rentals in Salem?

The rental vacancy rate in Salem is 5 percent.This is alower than averagevacancy rate.When rental vacancy rates are low there are fewer available units. Rents tend to be higher as morepeoplecompete for scarce housing.

How many rental units are in Salem for each bedroom size?

Occupied Rental Units by Size in Salem
StudioOne-BedroomTwo-BedroomThree-BedroomFour+ Bedrooms

Occupied Rental Units by Size in Salem

A large number of apartments in Salem have two or fewer bedrooms. Seniors and youngprofessionalsespecially may have more success finding an apartment that meets their needs.

How many renter households in Salem are overburdened by housing costs?

Among renter households in this market, 50percent havehousing cost burden. Further, 29percent of households are extremely rent overburdened. When renters pay too much for their housing, itleaveslittle money for other necessities like food, clothes, or medicine.

The federal government says that renters arecost-burdened if they pay more than a third of their monthly income for rent and utilities.

How Much Is Rent in Salem

Depending on size, the Fair Market Rent - HUDs measurement of the cost of an average housing unit - rangesfrom $997 to $2,095. FMRs areupdated annually by HUD for every city and county nationwide.

Bed Size2024 Fair Market Rents
One BR$1,053
Two BR$1,340
Three BR$1,888
Four BR$2,095

2024 Fair Market Rents in Salem, Oregon

How many units are rented at Fair Market Rent (FMR) in Salem?

Renters with a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher must select a home that is at or below the area’s FairMarket Rent. Markets with a large share of units above FMR tend to have longer search times to find aqualified unit, while those with a large share of units below FMR tend to have more choices and shortersearch times. The share below FMR can vary by size of unit, as shown in the table below.

These are the approximate number of units renting below the FMR in this market:

Unit SizeCount of Units Below FMRPercentage of Total Units Below FMR
Studio78332 percent
One BR3,42854 percent
Two BR7,71753 percent

Rental Units Below FMR in Salem, Oregon

How many affordable rental units are in Salem?

There are a variety of federal affordable housing programs serving households inSalem, Oregon including the following:

Federal ProgramUnit Count
Low Income Housing Tax Credit1,197
Public Housing385
Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance671
Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly67
Tracked Units by Federal Program in Salem, Oregon

Rental units may be funded in part by multiple federal programs.

Income Based Apartments in Salem, Oregon

Salem features 1,545 income based apartments.Tenants of income based apartments typically pay no more than 30% of their income towards rent andutilities.

Low Rent Apartments in Salem, Oregon

There are 1,168 rent subsidized apartments that do notprovide direct rental assistance but remain affordable to low income households in Salem.

Housing Choice Vouchers in Salem, Oregon

On average, Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers pay Salem landlords$600 per month towards rent. The average voucher holdercontributes $400 towards rent inSalem.

The maximum amount a voucher would pay on behalf of a low-income tenant in Salem, Oregon fora two-bedroom apartment is between $1,206 and $1,474.

Sourced from federal housing data and AffordableHousingOnline.comresearch.

Affordable Housing Tip

Preferences must be verified by documents.

Have documentation ready that shows you qualify for a waiting list's preferences.

What Renters Say About Us

Ivette Betancourt says:

"Affordable Housing Online is a helpful website that can benefit many families looking for a decent affordable home."

Low Income Apartments and Affordable Housing For Rent in Salem, OR (2024)


What are the requirements for low income housing in Oregon? ›

To qualify for HUD housing assistance, annual household income must be below 50 percent of the median income for that area. Under most HUD programs, seniors pay 30 percent of their annual adjusted income for rent.

What is the most Section 8 will pay? ›

The maximum housing assistance is generally the lesser of the payment standard minus 30% of the family's monthly adjusted income or the gross rent for the unit minus 30% of monthly adjusted income.

Is Salem, Oregon a cheap place to live? ›

Salem is a pretty affordable place to live for a modestly sized city, especially when you think about how expensive other cities on the West Coast can be. The cost of living in Salem is 104, compared to the national average index of 100. It's lower than the state's cost of living, which is 114.3.

Are home prices dropping in Salem, Oregon? ›

The median sale price of a home in Salem was $434K last month, up 2.1% since last year. The median sale price per square foot in Salem is $256, down 1.5% since last year.…

How to get Section 8 immediately in Oregon? ›

For immediate housing crisis call 211 or contact the Coordinated Housing Access (CHA) or call 503-655-8575. The Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly known as Section 8) provides assistance to families that rent units in the private rental housing market.

How much is low income in Oregon? ›

Affd Housing Income Limits
Income LevelNumber of Persons in Family
Extremely Low Income (30%)$14,350$26,500
Low Income (50%)$23,950$34,150
Income at 60% of Median$27,850$39,780
4 more rows

Who uses Section 8 housing the most? ›

68% of total rental assistance in the United States goes to seniors, children, and those with disabilities. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development manages Section 8 programs.

How much will Section 8 pay for a 1 bedroom in California? ›

Payment Standards (Effective Date 1/1/2024)
Housing SizePayment Amount
1 Bedroom$1,980
2 Bedroom$2,496
3 Bedroom$3,360
2 more rows

What does hacla stand for? ›

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) was established in 1938 by City of Los Angeles Resolution No. 1241. HACLA has grown to become one of the nation's largest and leading public housing authorities, providing the largest supply of quality affordable housing to residents of the City of Los Angeles.

What is a livable wage in Salem Oregon? ›

Living Wage Calculation for Salem, OR
0 Children3 Children
Living Wage$22.16$31.99
Poverty Wage$7.24$8.79
Minimum Wage$14.20$14.20

Which part of Salem Oregon is best to live? ›

From historic homes in established neighborhoods to new construction builds in master-planned communities, South Salem is one of the largest areas in the city and is an ideal place to live, work, and play. Living in South Salem puts residents close to shopping centers, schools, nature, and more.

Where is the cheapest cost of living in Oregon? ›

Coos Bay is the city in Oregon with the lowest cost of living. It boasts affordability in terms of food, utilities, and overall expenses, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.

Is Salem Oregon a good place to move to? ›

Salem is a charming city in the heart of the Willamette Valley that offers numerous attractions and a vibrant culture. From dozens of wineries to famous outdoor recreation, there's something for everyone.

Why are houses so expensive in Oregon? ›

Home prices in Oregon are rising and will continue to rise till the supply-demand dynamic changes. The number of houses for sale in OR was only 11,568 in January 2024. There is very limited inventory to satiate the demand from house hunters. This also makes it the best time to sell a house in Oregon.

Will houses get cheaper in Oregon? ›

While home buyers in Oregon could still encounter some challenges in 2024, it will likely be a better year for home buying in Oregon. Housing costs have actually come down in most cities across the state due to declining mortgage rates and home prices.

What is considered affordable housing in Oregon? ›

Housing is considered affordable if a household is paying no more than 30% of their gross income on rent or a mortgage.

What is Section 42 housing in Oregon? ›

You may also hear the program referred to as either the “low-income housing tax credit program” or the “rental housing tax credit program.” This is because Section 42 is an affordable housing program established by the federal tax code that allows developers of affordable housing to receive a federal tax credit.

What's the lowest income for Section 8? ›

FY 2024 Section 8 Income Limits (Effective 04/15/2024)
Number of PersonsExtremely Low Income 30% of MedianVery Low Income 50% of Median
1$ 29,150$ 48,550
2$ 33,300$ 55,450
3$ 37,450$ 62,400
4$ 41,600$ 69,350
4 more rows

What does affordable housing mean in Oregon? ›

Affordable – Housing is considered to be affordable if a household spends less than 30 percent of its gross income on housing expenses; utilities are considered affordable if a household spends less than six percent of its gross income on utilities.

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