University Commencement Information (2024)

Please note that tickets for Spring 2024 Commencement are available through the ticket links on this page for no charge/no service fee. This is the only authorized source for ceremony tickets. Please be aware that reports of individuals selling tickets and charging service fees have been reported. This activity is suspect and caution is advised.

Graduation can be a complex event with many moving parts. Keep your big day as stress-free as possible with the information below.

Tickets Update

Advance tickets for the Commencement ceremony are no longer available. However, please note that on the morning of Commencement there are normally seats available in the arena due to no-shows. On the day of Commencement, guests without tickets should go to the EagleBank Arena box office on the west side of the concourse to request available day of tickets. There will also be overflow viewing seating available across Patriot Circle at the Center for the Arts Concert Hall.

Please note: Only Doctoral graduates will be individually recognized and cross the stage at Commencement.

Have more tickets than you need?

All guests to Commencement require tickets to attend. Many students reserve the max number of tickets they can as a precaution, but will only actually use a few of them for their guests. If you received tickets to either Commencement or a Degree Celebration that you will no longer be needing, please return them as follows so that they may be redistributed to other guests:

To return your unneeded tickets:

  1. Locate your tickets in your Ticketmaster account.
  2. Click “Transfer Tickets.”
  3. Select each ticket you would like to transfer.
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. Enter “GMU Event” in the Name field.
  6. Enter “” in the Email Address field.
  7. Click “Send.”

Know Before You Go

Atthe commencement ceremony,doctoralcandidates are individually recognized and hooded; bachelor and master graduatesarerecognized as a group at their seats.


Grads should arrive one hour prior to the scheduled beginning of the ceremony. Grads will need to provide their George Mason ID / G numbers for check in.

Students who don’t have a physical George Mason ID can download the Mobile ID app and not have to worry about getting a new card.

All Master and Bachelor grads enter the Eagle Bank Arena through the loading dock entrance. Proceed to the arena floor to find your designated seating area by college and degree (not major). There is no procession into the arena for this ceremony.

It is highly advised that grads use the restroom before arriving at the Eagle Bank Arena, as there are limited facilities available outside or on the arena floor level.


As a reminder, tickets will be required for any guests of George Mason graduates to enter EagleBank Arena for Commencement. Doors will open one hour prior to the start of the ceremonies. It is advisable to arrive at that time. Your guest(s) need to have access to their tickets. Please transfer tickets to them before your event. Guests enter on the South, West or North Concourse level entrances.

If EagleBank Arena reaches capacity, the overflow viewing area will be in the Concert Hall on Mason Pond Drive, across Patriot Circle from the arena. Shuttles will be available at the South Entrance to transport anyone needing assistance to the Concert Hall.


    Please read all security notices to avoid issues at the entrances to the ceremonies:

    We are asking all guests and graduates do NOT bring a bag to the graduation ceremonies in order to help expedite the entry for all guests. Everyone entering will be required to go through a security weapons detection monitor. If you require a bag for your personal belongings, the bag must adhere to venue policies. Please note the list of prohibited items ahead of time, so that there are no issues at the entrances.

    Acceptable Bags

    Clear Bag:

    • Bag must be clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC with no obscured inside pockets
    • Bag must not exceed 12”x12”x6”
    • Bag may be 1 gallon plastic zip lock style bag

    Clutch Style Bag or Purse:

    • Non-clear clutch style bag or purse must not exceed 5”x7”

    Small Medical and/or Parenting Bags:

    • Will be permitted on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to increased security screening


    Signs larger than 18" x 18," including banners, flags, and posters, are prohibited. All signs smaller than 18" x 18" must comply with the following guidelines:

    • Item may not be constructed or displayed in a manner that may obstruct the view of other guests, interrupt the experience of other guests, or create a safety hazard
    • Signs must be constructed of paper, fabric, or poster board materials
    • Item may not be commercial or political in nature nor include obscene/offensive language and/or pictures
    • Item must be related to the event
    • Item may not be attached to a stick/pole
    • Item may not be attached, hung, taped, or draped over any part of the building

    No signage will be allowed on stage.

    Prohibited Items

    Prohibited items at EagleBank Arena include metal or glass reusable water bottles, air horns, wrapped gifts or packages, non-collapsible umbrellas and more. Prohibited items cannot be checked or stored inside the arena. View all Eagle Bank Arena policies for a full list of prohibited items.

    View all Eagle Bank Arena policies >>

    View all Concert Hall policies >>


    Due to the Virginia state law that prohibits the wearing of face masks for purposes of concealing one’s identity, if you are wearing a face covering, please be prepared to show a government-issued ID, George Mason ID, or the wristband you were issued at entry. Failure to comply will result in removal from the venue.

    All students and guests are required to follow the University and venue policies including event code ofconduct, policies on disruptions and prohibited items, as well as Mason’s student code ofconductandcommitment to safety and freedom of speech. Students and guests who do not observe Mason’s and EagleBank Arena’s policies and rules will not be admitted or will be required to leave the venue. Students and employees in violation of university policies and rules are subject to disciplinary action in accordance withstudentandemployeecodes ofconduct.

    Accessibility Needs

    For accessible parking and drop-off, please use the Roanoke River Road or Nottoway River Lane entrances off Braddock road to access Lot A.ADA parking is located in Lot A.

    Seating in all sections of EagleBank Arena, Rows E, F, and G, are marked reserved for special needs. These rows are on the concourse level and are easy access seating without requiring the use of stairs. Ushers are stationed at each portal to assist with seating. Guests requiring special assistance may be seated with one other guest from their party in these easy-access rows. No advanced notice is necessary to use this seating option and, again, these seats are not ticketed or individually reservable.

    • Wheelchair accessible seating is available in the four corner portals 4, 8, 13, and 17.
    • Ushers are stationed at each portal to help with seating.


    If you and your guests choose to attend any of the live graduation ceremonies, please show respect and dignity to your faculty, your fellow graduates, and their families by remaining for the entire event. It is not appropriate or acceptable to walk out before all fellow graduates attending have been recognized and the ceremony has officially ended. If you or your guests are not able to stay for the entire ceremony, please watch the streaming broadcast online from home or a remote location

    Not seeing the answer you need? Feel free to reach out to University Events: 703-993-2853 or

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    University Commencement Information (2024)
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