Zurich’s Districts||The 12 Districts of Zurich (2024)

By the lake, on the hillside, fashionable, multicultural, or in the heart of the Old Town: these are Zurich’s urban districts.

Zurich has a total of 12 districts, known as “Kreis” in German. Each comprises between one and four quarters or neighborhoods, making 34 in all. Below you can find out more about how the districts differ from one another and what is particularly characteristic of each one.

Overview Map

District 1 – Old Town, City Center

The most central district encompasses the historical Old Town on both banks of the River Limmat, as well as the area to the south bordering on the lake basin. It is home to the prestigiousBahnhofstrasse, magnificent guild houses, imposing churches, and the famousOpera House. The best view of District 1 is to be had from the top of theKarlsturmtower.

Old Town Attractions What to Do in Zurich These are the highlights in Zurich’s historic city center. More
Bahnhofstrasse Zurich Shopping You can find everything that your heart desires in Bahnhofstrasse: fashion, art and Zurich specialties More
Zurich Opera House Culture The Zurich Opera House is among the best in the world. More
Karlsturm Grossmünster Discover Together with Charlemagne you can watch over Zurich from the famous Karlsturm (Charles Tower). More

District 2 – Left Shore of the Lake

The architecturally attractive Enge Train Station built out of Ticino granite, theMuseum Rietbergwith its beautiful park, the Seebad Enge lido, and the Rote Fabrik give this district a Mediterranean feel.

Museum Rietberg Culture Set amidst one of the most beautiful parks in Zurich, the Rietberg houses art from outside Europe. More
Seebad Enge Recreation The Seebad Enge is a popular meeting place among locals all year round. More
Rote Fabrik Nightlife This alternative cultural center unites concerts, theater, movies, and gastronomy under one roof. More

District 3 – Creative Quarter of Wiedikon

Once mainly a working-class neighborhood, the district below theUetlibergis now a popular residential area with cozy cafés, boutiques, and vintage stores. TheHoudinimovie theater also lies on Wiedikon territory.

Uetliberg Discover Uetliberg is Zurich’s very own "mountain", from where you have beautiful views of the city and lake. More
Kino Houdini Culture Urban, cultural Zurich meets here to enjoy cinematographic works and a convivial atmosphere. More

District 4 – Creative Quarter of Langstrasse

The district aroundLangstrassewas long regarded as a den of iniquity. Nowadays, it is known for its diverse restaurants and never-sleeping nightlife, with bars such as the Olé and the ClubZukunft.

Bars, Clubs, and Concerts Zurich Nightlife An overview of the city’s hippest party venues, cult bars, and concert venues. More
The Locales on Langstrasse Long Nights on Langstrasse These are the legendary bars and clubs for long nights on Langstrasse. More
Olé Olé Bar Nightlife The legendary Olé Olé Bar on Zurich’s Langstrasse is always worth a visit. More
Zukunft Nightlife Relaxed atmosphere, international DJs, and great drinks in the heart of Zurich’s Langstrasse. More

District 5 – Creative Quarter of Zürich-West

In the quarter where huge machines once clattered away, now nightclubs, cultural institutions, and universities cluster around thePrime Tower. Converted structures such as theViaduktand designer stores like theFreitag Towergive the neighborhood its characteristic trendy atmosphere.

Prime Tower Discover This Gigon/Guyer-designed building looks over the trendy Zurich-West district. More
Viadukt Arches Shopping Zurich's railway viaduct offers unique space for a trendy shopping and cultural district. More
Freitag Tower Discover 17 stacked shipping containers watch over proceedings in Zurich-West. More

District 6 – University Quarter

University buildings, Jugendstil villas, green areas, and the Dynamo cultural center characterize Zurich’s District 6. Thanks to its tranquility and closeness to the city center, it is a much sought-after residential area.

Universities in Zurich About Zurich Two leading universities: Zurich is the center for education and research in Switzerland. More
Dynamo Nightlife The youth cultural center directly behind the Main Station is also popular among adults. More

District 7 – On the Zürichberg

The hillside location, little traffic, and fabulous views mean than living here does not come cheap. Neighbors include Zurich Zoo and the luxury hotel,The Dolder Grand.

Zurich Zoo Recreation The zoo, which is surrounded by nature yet close to the city, is home to a wide range of fauna. More
The Dolder Grand Accommodation The perfect hotel for all those who appreciate exclusivity, comfort, and Swiss luxury. More

District 8 – Right Shore of the Lake

This district starts behind the Opera House and stretches as far as the open-air bathing facility,Seebad Tiefenbrunnen. It features boutiques, villas, theChinawieserecreational area, and theSeebad Utoquaioutdoor swimming bath.

Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen Recreation This open-air bathing facility is located in the middle of a park on the right shore of Lake Zurich. More
Chinese Garden Discover The Chinese Garden is a temple garden and one of the highest-ranking gardens outside of China. More
Seebad Utoquai Recreation This age-old wooden bathing facility is an absolute historic gem among Zurich’s lidos. More

District 9 – At the Foot of the Uetliberg

For a long time, this district was solely known for the Letzigrund Stadium. In recent years, however, the quarter around Altstetten has become THE place to be, with creative club and gastronomy concepts.

Freibad Letzigraben Recreation Here bathing guests can enjoy a large park, several pools including a wave pool, and a diving tower. More

District 10 – Right of the Limmat

This district boasts a fantastic location: in summer, everyone meets at theUnterer LettenandOberer Lettenriverside lidos to swim and bask in the sun. In addition, the view over Zurich from theWaidquarter is unbeatable.

Flussbad Unterer Letten Recreation The popular riverside bathing facility is suitable for good swimmers who dare to tackle the current. More
Flussbad Oberer Letten Recreation The central Flussbad Oberer Letten is one of Zurich’s most popular open air swimming baths. More
Waid Vantage Point Discover From here visitors, can enjoy probably the most beautiful views of the city and Lake Zurich. More

District 11 – Zürich Nord

The close vicinity to theairport, the Hallenstadion indoor stadium where sports and music events are held, and the MFO-Park are the highlights of the Zurich’s northernmost district, which also offers plenty of space forpublic works of art.

Airport Shopping Shopping The stores and restaurants at Zurich Airport are open 365 days a year from early to late. More
MFO-Park Discover The architecturally interesting MFO-Park in the Zürich-Nord district invites visitors to linger. More
Art in Public Places Art Sculptures, monuments and installations enhance public areas in Zurich – but offer much more besides. More

District 12 – Schwamendingen

Schwamendingen, with its many green areas, lies in the north-east of Zurich. This district, which was not incorporated into the City of Zurich until 1934, has retained much of its village character. Its closeness to the Zürichberg makes it particularly popular among walkers, joggers, and children.

Jogging In and Around Zurich Jogging In Zurich, jogging fans can find these running routes of different levels of difficulty. More

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Zurich’s Districts||The 12 Districts of Zurich (2024)
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