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BAILSPEAK is the First Choice of Bail Recruiter's who are continuously Interviewing People for Jobs in the Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting Industries; moreover, Bailspeak is THE Primary Bail Educator for Major Bail Bond Agencies' New Hires; indeed, Bailspeak is California's Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in Bail Education, according to Bailspeak Alumni; indeed, Bailspeak is the Only California Bail Training School that openly posts Class Photographs and YouTube videos of its work and with views exceeding over 500,000 between various videos sharing sites!

What does it take to be a Bounty Hunter?

The requirements to become a bounty hunter in California, while seemingly direct pursuant to California Penal Codes Sections beginning with 1299, are immeasurably more convoluted to the extent that one's more precise queries should fall within the realm of questions more on point to lawful bounty hunting with an emphasis on staying out of criminal court, civil court and the morgue.

What are the Requirements to be a Bounty Hunter?

What does it take to become a bounty hunter in California? The answer to what may at first seem like a simple and direct question is multifaceted inasmuch as being cryptically elusive and consistent with asking someone, "What's on the Internet;" indeed, the question is, in point of fact, overly broad and deserves a protracted discussion that is replete with ongoing questions and answers and scenario based for instances that create points of reference and all of which should be designed to create specificity in an incalculable set of areas common to bounty hunting.

I think the first question should be how does a new bounty hunter hunt wanted felony fugitives while, at the same time, staying out of civil court, criminal court and the morgue.

In the below video, we are taken to a variety of places such as the lair of a wanted felony fugitive, numerous training environments, and short glimpses meant to provide one with an idea of what it takes to be a bounty hunter in general and in California.

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Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Provider that is also Authorized by Taser to Certify Bounty Hunters.


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Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent Training Programs in California

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Fugitive Recovery Training in California should consist of education in the legal authorities to bounty hunt as a Penal Code 1299 Compliant bail enforcement agent, but, also, one should take care to fully investigate a course for what is commonly known as a career ladder insofar that one has the option to eventually start his or her own bail bonds company.


Moreover, if one is serious about becoming a fugitive recovery agent with a future in developing and maturing into a bail bonds business owner then it only stands to reasons that one’s initial bail training be instructed by a verifiably long-time bounty hunter and bail bond company owner who is and has been licensed by the California Department of Insurance as a bail agent for nearly 20 years.


At the time of this writing, Bailspeak’s primary instructor is the only known California Bail Education Instructor with an extensive background as a legally operating bounty hunter of 22 years, licensed bail agency owner, legally authorized agent for sureties regarding nearly 250 granted bail bond motions lawfully filed and heard in open superior courts in numerous counties, and as a bail agent pre licensing and continuing education instructor now approaching eight consecutive years of service with nearly 2,000 actual live class Alumni and many of which have been and are now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider since 2007 and with roots going back to 1996 as the Critical Response Training Academy based out of Tracy, California.

How to Investigate and find Bail Jumpers?

How to Find Bail Jumpers as a Fugitive Recovery Agent


STREET PROVEN bounty hunters display certain sets of intransigent behaviors that most people cannot connect to and therefore do not perceive as virtues but are, nevertheless, inescapably inherent with every accomplished bounty hunter that I have personally met who presents as having a future in bounty hunting.


It is quite a thing to very literally hunt a human being who has chosen to ignore judicial orders and jump bail irrespective of the bail jumpers charges; indeed, like a police car stop, there is no such thing as a “routine” bail fugitive apprehension; accordingly, there is an imperative to practice what law enforcement personnel call “officer safety,” and bounty hunters tracking wanted felony fugitives call it “agent safety” with the emphasis on going home safely to get paid safely.


Apart from confronting a bail fugitive and potentially lethal third party bandit who is hidden or openly loitering in the arrest location and who each know that that a bail apprehension could result in a third strike sentence of 25 to life, bounty hunters must first find the bail jumping fugitive.


What does it take to find a bail fugitive who has skipped bail on misdemeanor or felony case?


Plainly stated, a new bounty hunter MUST FIRST find a bail bond agency owner or corporate officer who will award the new bounty hunter a bail enforcement contract.  In other words, a new bounty hunter must bounty hunt clients for that one person who will present the opportunity to the new bounty hunter to prove his or herself; however, this point brings us back to the “certain sets of intransigent behaviors” generally found to be disagreeable to “normal people” who would never dream of bounty hunting or do dream and can’t because of natural personality barriers that are inconsistent with closing fugitive recovery contracts.


·         A successful bounty hunter is skilled in looking beyond what is plainly presented in favor of trying to look through the obvious to what is either hidden by deception, misdirection, physical objects or even in plain sight.

·         A successful bounty hunter is skilled at discovering seemingly inconsequential details while, at the same time, having the patience to stop, step back and look at the “big picture” to “connect the dots” and all of which may very well make a path shrouded in darkness become visible as if on a summer day at high noon.

·         A successful bounty can confront obstacles and people without an obvious confrontation but is confronting if necessary to light that darkened path.

·         A successful bounty hunter is audacious but not always disliked because of hidden audacity.


Finally, in the interest of brevity, a successful bounty hunter simply will not give up even when submitting to circumstance out of frustration or lack of emotional or financial support from family and friends; a real bounty hunter cannot give up; it simply isn’t a virtue—to give up.


What are prospective bail bond clients looking for in a new bounty hunter?  The answer is a personal one and shall be left in your capable discretion ~ Stay Safe & Watch Your Six.

I Drive a Pickup Truck.

How do I Transport Firearms and other Fugitive Recovery Bounty Hunting Equipment?

Truck Bed covers and organizers may be critical to fugitive recovery agents practicing the bounty hunting arts as bail enforcement agents in order to protect valuable equipment such as night vision, firearms and other types of digital equipment from inclement weather and even smash and grab opportunists that may only have to reach into the back of a truck bed.


More importantly, the right combination of locked containers may be necessary legally transport firearms, generally speaking, in some states but with specific emphasis on California.


A more specialized type of hunting is that of the professional bail enforcement agent who is hunting wanted felony fugitives for the purposes of exonerating a bail bond as an agent for a bail bonds company or bail insurance company.


Rex Venator is a professional bounty hunter of more than 22 years, a bail bond agency owner, and the primary instructor for California’s Fastest Growing, Most Transparent and Most Trusted name in bail agent pre licensing for both aspiring bail bond workers and fugitive recovery agents—Bailspeak.


In this video, Rex spends an exceptional amount of time explaining why he chose the Dodge Ram 1500, Leer 700 Tonneau Truck Bed Cover and the Decked truck bed organizer and how it all works near symbiotically with the equipment of a professional hunter of mammals that can and do shoot back.

Fugitive Recovery Equipment for Bounty Hunters

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Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator – See Rex’s Bio HERE


Bounty Hunters and Bail Agents have, in point of fact, been injured, maimed and murdered while making or attempting to apprehend wanted felony fugitive bail jumpers; accordingly, this online Bounty Hunting Pro Store has been redesigned and value engineered to offer specialized supplies, gear, and other types of equipment that are high-end, top of the line, and with little to no profit margins for the store itself.


Since the revamped Real Bounty Hunting online store was launched late last year, it has started to rank in the top spots regarding Internet searches for bail related bounty hunting gear; consequently, others in the same area have responded by touting how inexpensive or, rather, having a “larger selection” or “affordable pricing” to the extent that the priority, in my professional opinion, is that no person should be trying to get the cheapest merchandise out to people who either track or intend to track wanted felony fugitives with some of these very dangerous fugitives and maybe even their associates looking at 25 to life in state prison if captured.


I could very easily direct my staff to load up this online bounty hunting store with an even “larger selection” of miscellaneous, sub-standard products common to law enforcement, but doing so isn’t what this store is about; this store is about good people doing their jobs safely to go home safely to get paid safely, and I can attach no wisdom nor align my personal moral compass to selling inferior products to people who may need their equipment to get paid on the low priority and stay alive to go home safe as the high priority—but this is just me falling back on 23 plus years of hardcore, liability-free bounty hunting.


Real Bounty Hunting is probably the most expensive bail enforcement equipment store on the Internet, and I am comfortable with the fact that it is not a money maker with huge profit margins arriving from marking up potentially useless and inferior equipment bought in bulk and that has utterly failed actual field testing during real bounty hunting operations.


Real Bounty Hunting’s main client base is the nearly 3,000 Alumni of the California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education School, Bailspeak.  Stated differently, this store caters to people who I have met face to face and spend anywhere between 6 and 22 hours with during bail agent pre licensing and bail continuing education classes.  Besides that, I will not allow any product to be purchased from this store that is, purely and simply, not safe.


Yeah, there are more “affordable” prices out there, but consider a few things: is “affordable” code for inferior; does a “larger selection” help you isolate the “best tool for the job”; is a profit driven merchant really going to be comfortable breaking even on sales to get you the highest quality and street proven products because you and those close to you matter more than the bottom line?


Go Home Safely to Get Paid Safely Please.

“A notable percentage of a California powerhouse in the California Bounty Hunting Industry is made up of an Elite Group of Top Producing Bailspeak Alumni.”


 ~ 25DEC15, Source: Name Withheld for Operational Security Purposes