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Liability-Free Results Since 1992


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Bail Fugitive Recovery Solutions

Rex has caused nearly 3,000 Bail Bond Forfeitures to be Set Aside and ultimately exonerated, Liability Free, since 1992!


Over 550 of these court ordered exonerations came by way of Rex drafting and appearing in open court as a licensed bail agent for various sureties, who have also called Rex to troubleshoot forfeiture lists for various bail bond companies.


Rex is also the Founder and Primary Instructor of Bailspeak: Pre-Licensing & Continuing Bail Education, which is a California Department of Insurance Approved bail education provider.


You may have seen Rex speaking at Bailspeak Events, the 2007 Professional Bail Agents of the United States convention in Las Vegas, the 2007 Bail USA convention in Savannah, Georgia, the 2008 Bail USA Convention in San Antonio, Texas, or the 2013 Bail USA convention in Nashville, Tennessee.


Since Rex has been training bounty hunters on the streets since 1994, you may even know fugitive recovery agents who were trained by Rex to operate within the law as California bounty hunters.


For your convenience, the below video shows Rex clearing up forfeited bail bonds; moreover, please feel free to visit the “FRA Videos” page on this site for examples of real bounty hunting that will enable you to make a more informed decision on whom to hire for your Bail Bond Forfeiture needs.


Afterwards, you can reach Rex by calling Bailspeak at 1-877-726-9092


Rex Venator’s Unconventional Brand of Bounty Hunting


Pursuant to California Penal Code

Beginning with Section 1305


Rex has himself demonstrated to numerous bail bonds companies, surety corporations, and his bounty hunting trainees how he has caused 99.5% of the bail bond forfeitures he's undertaken to be set aside in open court since 1998.


Rex conceptualized and put into action his "Triple Attack" theory, explained in his book "Desktop Bounty Hunter," whereby, as an agent for multiple sureties, he has simultaneously tracked bail fugitives and while negotiating bail bond motions that were designed to create new causes of actions that ultimately led to bizarre exonerations.


In point of fact, Rex's Brand of bounty hunting has been highly sought after in terms of learning the mechanical workings of his bail enforcement operations, the theories to his bail bond motions, and all of which are drawing larger and larger numbers to California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education classes that he himself created from Street Proven methodologies.


For your convenience, please see the above video showing a bail bond motion class that Rex created and holds as open bail education classes and Private continuing education classes for bail agents at their homes and offices.


Bail Contract Enforcement Service Area by County ~ Bailspeak Alumni Now Available for all 58 California Counties.

See Terms & Conditions at the Bottom of this Private Investigations Firm's Page, please.

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Bail Fugitive Recovery Service Terms & Conditions


Liability-Free Since 1992 ~ Nearly 3,000 Forfeitures Set-Aside!


Payment is due and owing for Causing ALL Bail Bond Forfeitures on the same bail jumper Vacated or Set Aside and is not for Exonerations or solely physical apprehensions.


Commissions are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with rates commensurate with the amount of time left to investigate, apprehend or draft and appear via bail bond motion as an appointed agent for the surety real party in interest and non-incorporated bail agencies: more time lower commissions, less time far greater commissions.


Additional conditions may apply and can be discussed.


A Surety Guarantee Letter may be required to ensure payment of services rendered.


Bail Bond Forfeiture Law and Motion services is billed out hourly at $150.00 an hour with an up-front retainer due and cleared before work begins, or clients may choose to go with the traditional 10% of the Penal Liability of the bond or bonds on the same bail jumper; however, remember that California’s bail schedule is very high depending on the county in question.


There is no charge to "look at a file" for bail law and motion work.  An estimate will be provided of the time to draft and appear one time on the matter, and refreshers may be necessary if more than one appearance or more time is required to have a forfeiture set aside and exonerated by way of a court order.


Those wishing to strictly arrange the traditional 10% commission, based on the penal amount of forfeited bail bonds, only for physical apprehension or exoneration are welcome to contact other bounty hunters in California ~ Thank You, Rex.

Call for Bounty Hunting and Run-Off Services at 1-877-726-9092

Can Independent Bounty Hunter Contractors who are not Licensed Bail Agents Draft and Appear on a Bail Bond Motion for Sole Proprietorships or Bail Bond Corporations?


Opinion Editorial & Analysis


By Bailspeak’s Primary Bail Education Instructor, Rex Venator



The following is based on my personal, layman’s opinion as a private citizen who is simply observing his civic duty.


I thought to follow up and add that the prior email on bounty hunters drafting moving papers and appearing in court for a bail bond surety isn’t applicable, in my personal opinion, with a licensed bail agent, appointed as an agent by the real party in interest bail bond surety moving a court, drafting and appearing under penal code law—so long as the bail agent is appearing for a sole proprietorship and not a bail bond corporation.


It is my personal, layman’s opinion that Penal Code §1305 subsection j does allow for “the bail agent” to draft and appear for an unincorporated bail bond company when he or she is appointed by the surety upon which the bond was written.


It is my personal, layman’s opinion that Penal Code §1305 subsection j carries greater weight and is deemed controlling over Business and Professions §6125 for the purposes of bail agents drafting and appearing on instant, civil matters injected into an existing criminal matter before a superior court.


There are published case cites, however, where the Civil Code of Procedures has sections that are controlling over certain Penal Code, bail related sections, but, for the purposes of this personal opinion analysis, bounty hunters who are not licensed bail agents and appointed by the surety do not have standing under Penal Code §1305 subsection j to draft and appear in superior court and are subject to Business and Professions §6125 penalty—in my personal, layman’s opinion.


It is my personal, layman’s opinion that the curiously lamented reference to an obscure California Civil Code of Procedure section that allows for a bounty hunter “surety insurer” to draft and appear in court is seriously flawed and fatal to any bounty hunter’s argument to the extent that Civil Code of Procedure 995.120 subsection a and b defines a “surety insurer” in part as follows: “‘Admitted surety insurer’ means a corporate insurer or a reciprocal or interinsurance exchange to which the Insurance Commissioner has issued a certificate of authority to transact surety insurance in this state, as defined in Section 105 of the Insurance Code,” “For the purpose of application of this chapter to a bond given pursuant to any statute of this state, the phrases ‘admitted surety insurer,’ ‘authorized surety company,’ ‘bonding company,’ ‘corporate surety,’ and comparable phrases used in the statute mean "admitted surety insurer" as defined in this section.”


Whereas, it is my personal, layman’s position that a bounty hunter appearing for a bail bond company as an independent contractor is, arguably, not drafting and appearing as an agent for the surety in any capacity and in such instances the matter in question then defaults to Business and Professions §6125 primarily because one well established structure of bail agents appearing for their own non-incorporated bail companies in superior courts reverts to another dictum based structure where, plainly stated, a private citizen—not even a corporate officer of the surety, which is also not applicable for the purposes of this personal, layman’s analysis—is somehow not even appearing in propria persona for the corporation and is likened to any person simply walking in off the street not to self-represent but to represent an entity that he or she isn’t even a corporate officer or shareholder of and all of which is because the bounty hunter is not a licensed bail agent who is appointed as an agent for any surety.


Consequently and in my personal, layman’s opinion, judicial action predicated on the unlicensed practice of law subjects the victims of a crime to collateral attack by county governments insofar that previously granted bail bond motions may be reversed at any time, thus causing the potentiality of tremendous harm to the parties of a private civil bail bond contract specifically and the California Bail Industry generally once a court loses jurisdictions to even consider repairing the damage irrespective of remedies buried in ancillary codes.


Furthermore, while California Penal Code §1305 subsection j allows for a surety appointed bail agent licensed by the California Department of Insurance to draft and appear for an unincorporated bail agency, there is no known statutory allowance for a corporate surety to unilaterally circumvent numerous related sections and in numerous applicable California Codes by summarily authorizing a common bounty hunter to practice law for a corporation—in my personal, layman’s opinion.


The civil and criminal liability may be further compounded, apart from a the unlawful practice of law by a common bounty hunter, if facts-in-evidence reveal that an attorney for a corporation, who is a lawyer, authorized the unlawful practice of law since exceptions may not be controlling over other California Codes—in my personal opinion.


In addition to the above paragraph, it may be a misdemeanor crime for any person to intentionally deceive or collude to deceive a court or any party by making oral arguments under Oath or by submitting any document that causes a court or person to believe that a common bounty hunter may practice law separate and apart from established law to the extent that any attorney who provides such evidence or document or opinion may knowingly be faced with a criminal charge, fine and, possibly, disbarment.


To be succinct in the interest of brevity, in my personal, layman’s opinion, a bounty hunter working as an independent contractor for a bail bond company is disallowed to appear under Penal law; moreover, Civil Code of Procedures does not apply because in the absence of Penal law applications the bounty hunter is then personally appearing for an incorporated surety where, arguably, said bounty hunter is engaging in the “unlicensed practice of law;” indeed, a corporation is not a natural person and cannot appear in propria persona; it can only appear through counsel with the exception of sending a corporate representative to small claims under Code of Civil Procedure section 116.510.




Thus California today defines law practice as providing “legal advice and legal instrument and contract preparation, whether or not these subjects were rendered in the course of litigation.” Birbower, Montalban, Condo & Frank, P.C . v Superior Court., supra, at 128. Providing legal advice or service is a violation of the State Bar Act if done by an unlicensed person, even if the advice or service does not relate to any matter pending before a court. (Mickel v. Murphy (1957) 147 Cal.App.2d 718, 721.)


The lead case on this is Paradise v. Nowlin (1948) 86 Cal.App.2d 897. Subsequent cases have affirmed its holding that corporations cannot appear pro per for three distinct reasons: (1) any representative sent on behalf of the corporation would be engaged in the unauthorized practice of law; (2) the rule ensures that qualified professionals will appear in court, thereby increasing the efficient and proper administration of justice; and (3) the distinction helps to maintain the wall between the corporation as an entity and its individuals shareholders, directors, and officers. (Id.; see also CLD Construction, Inc. v. City of San Ramon (2004) 120 Cal.App.4th 765, 773.)


A corporation is not a natural person, and therefore cannot appear in an action in propria persona. It can appear only through counsel. (Merco Construction Engineers, Inc. v. Mun.Ct. (Sully Miller Contracting Co.) (1978) 21 Cal.3d 724, 731.) This prohibition stems from the notion a corporate representative who would likely appear on behalf of the corporation would be engaged in the unlicensed practice of law. (Gamet v. Blanchard (2001) 91 Cal.App.4th 1276, 1284.) The prohibition against a corporation's “self-representation” in court also furthers the efficient administration of justice by assuring that qualified professionals present the corporation's case and assist the court in resolution of the issues; and it helps maintain the distinction between the corporation and its shareholders. (CLD Const., Inc. v. City of San Ramon (2004) 120 Cal.App.4th 1141, 1146.)


PC §1305 (j) A motion filed in a timely manner within the 180-day period may be heard within 30 days of the expiration of the 180-day period. The court may extend the 30-day period upon a showing of good cause. The motion may be made by the surety insurer, the bail agent, the surety, or the depositor of money or property, any of whom may appear in person or through an attorney.


PC §1305 (k) In addition to any other notice required by law, the moving party shall give the prosecuting agency a written notice at least 10 court days before a hearing held pursuant to subdivision (f), (g), or (j), as a condition precedent to granting the motion.


(PC 1305 Amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 129, Sec. 1. Effective January 1, 2013.)


Business & Professions Re Practicing Law without a License or California Department of Insurance Bail Agent License References


6125.  No person shall practice law in California unless the person is an active member of the State Bar.

6126.  (a) Any person advertising or holding himself or herself out as practicing or entitled to practice law or otherwise practicing law who is not an active member of the State Bar, or otherwise authorized pursuant to statute or court rule to practice law in this state at the time of doing so, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in a county jail or by a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment. Upon a second or subsequent conviction, the person shall be confined in a county jail for not less than 90 days, except in an unusual case where the interests of justice would be served by imposition of a lesser sentence or a fine. If the court imposes only a fine or a sentence of less than 90 days for a second or subsequent conviction under this subdivision, the court shall state the reasons for its sentencing choice on the record.


6127.5.  Nothing in Sections 6125, 6126 and 6127 shall be deemed to apply to the acts and practices of a law corporation duly certificated pursuant to the Professional Corporation Act, as contained in Part 4 (commencing with Section 13400) of Division 3 of Title 1 of the Corporations Code, and pursuant to Article 10 (commencing with Section 6160) of Chapter 4 of Division 3 of this code, when the law corporation is in compliance with the requirements of (a) the Professional Corporation Act; (b) Article 10 (commencing with Section 6160) of Chapter 4 of Division 3 of this code; and (c) all other statutes and all rules and regulations now or hereafter enacted or adopted pertaining to such corporation and the conduct of its affairs.


6128.  Every attorney is guilty of a misdemeanor who either:


(a) Is guilty of any deceit or collusion, or consents to any deceit or collusion, with intent to deceive the court or any party.

(b) Willfully delays his client's suit with a view to his own gain.

(c) Willfully receives any money or allowance for or on account of any money which he has not laid out or become answerable for.


Any violation of the provisions of this section is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months, or by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or by both.---------------------END OF OPINION EDITORIAL

Copyright 1992 - 2021 Bailspeak, All Rights Reserved

Rex celebrates over 25 Years of Active Bounty Hunting on and is now passing his knowledge on to the next generation of bounty hunters.


Rex Venator is considered an Expert Witness in Bail and Bounty Hunting subjects in both California and federal courts..




Are you looking to for the best educated fugitive recovery agents, trained in lawful bail enforcement, and with many who are now conducting bail fugitive recovery in all of California’s 58 counties?


The facts are these: untrained, poorly trained, and misguided bounty hunters are increasingly being arrested, charged, and convicted and with personal injury lawyers now starting to take on, however frivolous due to ignorance of bail such suits may appear, and are now filing civil suits and naming whoever hired the errant bounty hunters, the bail agency owners, the general bail agents, and with sureties as the main goal of the law suits.


Bailspeak Alumni undertake the timeliest, relevant, and most unrivaled bail agent pre licensing immersion course available in California, and, arguably, the Nation.




Are you looking for the best educated bail agent employees to post bail bonds who know what is legally permissible and what is not inasmuch that they can operate legally and not get their employers in criminal or civil trouble?


Yes, Bailspeak Alumni are the most sought after new hires by California’s top Bail Job Recruiters; moreover, Bailspeak is the First Choice for bail education pre licensing in California and for a great many reasons.


See above, to your left and below where California Bail Agent Class Photos present a visual of the finest people who have entered into the bail industry and with some now looking to help you save or grow your bail business by good underwriting or lawful bounty hunting.

Success in Bounty Hunting arrives from a working knowledge of both orthodox and unorthodox disciplines combined with being able to think in black and white terms, and, simultaneously, being able to think abstractly.


While one cannot be successful absent an ability to stand back and view a case whole and complete, a controlled and calculated employment of unadulterated audacity is equally critical.


Frankly speaking, it takes quite a bit of gumption to very literally and routinely confront wanted felony fugitives who may be in the company of other wanted felony fugitives by and through the tactical engagement of persons at rural and urban structures or other locations where they have the advantage of familiarity.


The nature of bounty hunting successfully requires “resolute acceptance” of many things to include the very real potentiality of losing an engagement and losing badly; however, this is why we seek out and subject ourselves to all forms of applicable training and instruction to be prepared to respond and not react—untrained people lacking resolve react.


In all cases hunt your fugitives safely with the following as timeless and on-point:


"So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.


Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours.


Love your life, perfect your life; beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people.


Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.


Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place.


Show respect to all people and grovel to none.


When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself.


Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.


When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way; sing your death song and die like a hero going home."

~ Tecumseh (/tɛˈkʌmsə/; March 1768 – October 5, 1813) was a Native American leader of the Shawnee and a large tribal confederacy (known as Tecumseh's Confederacy) which opposed the United States during Tecumseh's War and became an ally of Britain in the War of 1812.


This California Department of Insurance 20 hour Approved course exceeds California Bail Education requirements and continuously resets industry standards to become a bail bondsman or bounty hunter with bail certification instruction by veteran bail bonds business owners and active bounty hunters with over two decades of running profitable bail industry companies.


The bail agent pre licensing bail training school set of academic and other practical courses cover the most important aspects of the bail bonds business such as bail bond law and motion, Lawful bail accounts receivable, Lawful bail business operations within the meaning of Insurance and Title 10 Code sections and other timely and relevant bail and bounty hunting topics as follows:


·         Includes Lawful Bounty Hunting Seminar Instruction

·         Includes Bail Enforcement Legal Authorities Training

·         Bail Manual and Dozens of Industry Related Docs Included

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·         Only Bail School holding Bail Classes throughout California

·         Sun & Mon count for up to 12 hours of Continuing Bail Education!


Please Register and book (special lodging rates for Bailspeak students) lodging, if necessary, at Hotels sooner rather than later if interested.  Bailspeak classes are always held in very small venues by design and in the spirit of personal attention for the best interests of the students attending.


Call the Bailspeak Registrar for information on how to register for this fast approaching California Department of Insurance Approved 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing certification class or visit the Bailspeak Mother Flagship Website for loads of information.

CALIFORNIA BOUNTY HUNTING SCHOOL – 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing is a Mandatory certification to become a Bail “bondsman” Agent and/or to Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California with very few exceptions regarding lawful fugitive recovery.


CAUTION - Bail Education Ads on Craigslist Should be Heavily Scrutinized for Consumer Protection purposes.  Please read the below government ordered Expert Bail Witness Opinion by Rex Venator regarding bounty hunters who may be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.


Bail Bond Forfeiture Court Services Requires Surety Appointment for Non-Incorporated Bail Agencies